Gilhooley’s Restaurant-Must try the Oysters

I’m Here For the Oysters, But I’ll Stay for the Beer and Atmosphere

Gilhooley’s Restaurant has no website, no Facebook page and really just word of mouth advertising only.  So, it’s any wonder how they have become so famous.  I’ll tell you why, because their oysters are some of the best you will ever have!

Located in sunny San Leon (or Dickinson if you follow the official address), Gilhooley’s could definitely be considered a “hole in the wall” place.  As you walk up, you’ll observe what looks like a shanty of a place but don’t let that dissuade you.  There’s plenty of outside seating underneath gigantic shade trees.  The tables are unassuming with wood tops (some rotted) and casual lawn style chairs.  You’ll notice chintzy lights strung across the trees with some globes missing.    There’s a large bar inside or outside to enjoy a cold beer; but don’t expect an extensive collection of beer and wine for that matter, its the price and that its cold, right?  Expect a casual laid back attitude while you’re there.  No hurries-no worries.  While you’re there, go exploring around the outside.  There’s a lot of funky decor items to get a giggle from.  Don’t expect a fancy bathroom; come on, it’s a dive place with great food!

Cash Only-Leave your under 18 kids and fur babies at home

Their menu offers a variety of items but you should really do yourself the favor and at least try their specialty grilled oysters.  Their other seafood dishes are also terrific.

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They’ve been featured on the Travel Channel and declared “the ultimate seafood dive bar”

Travel Channel Feature video

Houston Press voted the Oysters Gilhooley their #1 favorite Houston dish

Houston Press rates Oysters Gilhooley #1 dish in Houston